Architecture as a Catalyst of Progress

29.–30. November 2019

MAO – Museum of Architecture and Design
Rusjanov trg 7, 1000 Ljubljana

Architecture is a tool with which we are able to recognise the shortcomings of our environment and improve it in the long term. The architecture of a certain society speaks about its power, level of development and its capacity for empathy. Our festival sets the tool of architecture to problematic points. Take a look at our programme and join us on Friday, November 29, and Saturday, November 30, at the Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO) in Ljubljana. We welcome architects and all curious and creative people!



Etbin Tavčar
Etbin Tavčar was born in 1963 in Postojna. In 1991 he received his bachelors degree in landscape architecture from the Biotechnical Faculty in Ljubljana. Some of his most recognised works include landscape architecture design of the Šmarje pri Sežani cemetary expansion (1993), landscape architecture design of the Sežana cemetary expansion (1995), landscape architecture design of the Fabiani path – a network of hiking paths from Kobdilj to Štanjel (with Robert Mašera; 2002) and landscape architecture design of Koseze pond in Ljubljana (with Rok Žnidaršič and Iztok Kavčič; 2009).


Idis Turato
Idis Turato (1965) is an architect and a professor at the Faculty of Architecture on University of Zagreb and a guest professor on Faculties of architecture in Belgrade, Split and Ljubljana. In 1992, together with Saša Randić, he co-founded architecture office Randić Turato and in 2009 he started his own office – Arhitektonski biro Turato. Ten times his projects were nominated for EU Mies Van der Rohe Award, and he won all of the most important Croatian and regional architecture awards (Viktor Kovačić, Drago Galić, Vladimir Nazor, Piranesi, Grand Prix Balkan Architecture Biennale). He presented Croatia at the 10th Architecture Biennale in Venice with the project “In Between” and at the 12th Biennale, with group of Croatian architects, with the project “Pavilion".


Tatjana Capuder Vidmar
Tatjana Capuder Vidmar obtained a MA in Architecture and Urban Design at University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Architecture in 1991. In 1994, she was awarded a PhD in Architecture and Urban Design at the University of Ljubljana. In 1994, she studied at the AA School of Architecture, London, UK in a postgraduate programme in Graduate Design studying an environmental park in Teheran. In the same year she obtained the formal status of Artist in Architecture with the Ministry of Culture of Slovenia. She worked in the capacity of Artist in Architecture from 1994 till 2006, becoming (2006) Assistant Professor at the University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty, Department of Landscape Architecture.


Robert Peskar
Born June 20th 1965 in Ljubljana. He finished his studies in art history at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana in 1992 with his thesis Medieval Church Exterior Paintings in Central Slovenia (mentor prof. Janez Höfler, PhD), for which he received the Prešeren student award. He also received his Masters and PhD degrees under the mentorship of prof. Höfler. Between 1992 and 2005 he was employed at the Institute for the Protection of Natural and Cultural Heritage in Novo Mesto as a conservator for art heritage, was the director of the public Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for the Protection of Cultural Heritage. From 1995 he works as an assistant, and from 2009 as assistant professor at the Department of Art History, where he organised field work for 1st and 2nd year students, from 2010/11 he is also a lecturer in conservation. He is a member of the Slovene Art History Society and Slovene Conservation Society.


Tomaž Krištof
Tomaž Krištof is an architect, born in Maribor in 1974, who lives and works in Ljubljana. He is the founder of Studio Krištof architectural office, co-founder and procurator of the company Dominum – celovite prenove, owner of the brand DueDilligence Slovenia, received his PhD from the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana and regularly works with the department of architecture FGPA in Maribor. From 2019 – 2023 he is the president of the Chamber of Architecture and Spatial Planning of Slovenia. In recent years, he has been researching possibilities of wholesome renovation of multi-apartment high rise buildings from the second half of the 20th Century, as well as the articulation of the political through architecture.


Gregorc Vrhovec Arhitekti
GregorcVrhovec arhitekti architectural office has been established in 1989 by Vanja Gregorc Vrhovec and Aleš Vrhovec. They are interested in architecture which takes initiative and actively engages with the society. Their work has been recognized in Slovenia and internationally: in 2011, they received the AIT Alpine Interior Award for House Podkoren, in 2017 the Designers Society of Slovenia Award for Olympic Educational Centre, in 2018 the golden pencil and a nomination for Mies van der Rohe Award for Celovška House – this project also received Plečnik’s medal in 2019.


Nande Korpnik
Nande Korpnik, architect, lives and works in Celje. For his realised projects he received several of the highest Slovenian and European architecture awards. His arcitectural practice besides building consists of writing and publicistic work for Slovenian and international media, as well as participation in professional events. His work had been exhibited in numerous exhibitions. He is a lecturer at the department of architecture and spatial planning ant the FGPA Maribor.


Franco Juri
Franco Juri got his bachelors degree in geography and italian language with literature. He worked as a professor at the Ginnasio Gian Rinaldo Carli Capodistria and then as an assistant at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana. From 1990 to 1993 he was a memeber of the slovenian parliament on behalf of LDS. From 1993-1997 he was the ambassador of RS in Spain and Cuba, from 1997 to 2000 secretary of state at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Now, he is the director of the Sergej Mašera Maritime Museum in Piran.




FRIDAY, November 29, 2019

Lecture hall MAO (Museum of Architecture and Design Ljubljana)

17:00–17:10 introductions: NINA IN MATEVŽ GRANDA, Outsider

17:10–17:40 Architectural focus: NANDE KORPNIK, architect

17:40–17:50 E4 concept: WIENERBERGER: Systemic Solutions in Harmony with Nature and Healthy Living

17:50–18:00 E4 concept: SEMMELROCK: Outdoor Living Solutions

18:00–18:30 Architectural focus: ALEŠ VRHOVEC IN VANJA GREGORC, architects

18:30–18:40 E4 concept: VELUX: Added Value of Daylight within 90% of the Time

18:40–19:10 Architectural focus: TOMAŽ KRIŠTOF, architect

19:10–19:20 E4 concept: KNAUF INSULATION

19:20–19:30 E4 concept: BAUMIT: Healthy living is not a myth

19:30–20:10 Architectural focus: IDIS TURATO, architect

20:10–21:00 "Straniščne spletke" short story competition announcement and award ceremony, reading of the winning short story

21:00–21:15 ARHIVOX, choir


SATURDAY, November 30, 2019

Lecture hall MAO (Museum of Architecture and Design Ljubljana)

17:00–17:15 introductions, NINA IN MATEVŽ GRANDA, Outsider

17:15–17:45 SERGEJ MAŠERA MARITIME MUSEUM PIRAN: The Architectural, National and Cultural Identity of Sečovlje Salt Pans

17:45–18:00 projection of GRENKA SOL / Bitter salt (1967), Slovenija, directed by Jane Kavčič

18:00–19:00 round table HERITAGE OF THE SALT PANS, guests: Robert Peskar (ZVKDS), Etbin Tavčer (ZVKDS), Franco Juri (Sergej Mašera Museum), Tatjana Capuder Vidmar (BF UNI LJ), Miloš Kosec and Ajda Bračič (Outsider)

19:00–19:15 short break

19:15–19:45 TRIA STUDIO / ALFA NATURA, the contractors of the architectural competition Salt Panning House, lecture on the CLT technology

19:45–20:00 FIBRAN, presentation of their technological solutions

20:00–23:00 wine and good company


Festival entry is free of charge. Please confirm your participation by registering (below).