This year’s edition of the Tools for Better Living Festival deals with the topic of materiality. We will be joined by selected architects, artists and creators alike, who all link the spiritual with material, creating something more than a sum of its parts. How do these individuals work with their materials? How do they share their lives with the materials? And finally, do they know what material the tools for better living are made of?

Two competition announcements with award ceremonies will be held during the festival: the Straniščne spletke short story competition will close with a reading of the winning short story, while the Dom prihodnosti architectural competition will present fresh ideas for new ways of living.



Maruša Zorec (SI)
Since 1997, Maruša Zorec has been leading her architectural studio Arrea, focusing mainly on smaller projects and cultural heritage adaptations. In 2018, she was awarded the Platinum Pencil prize by the Chamber of Architecture and Spatial Planning of Slovenia.

Martin Rauch (AT)
Martin Rauch first acquainted himself with his material through ceramics and sculpture. Later, when he discovered rammed earth building as a volunteer in Africa, and since then has translated this knowledge to the unique architecture he creates today.

Peter, Boštjan and Aleš Gabrijelčič (SI)
Arhitektura is a family company of three architects: Peter, Boštjan and Aleš Gabrijelčič. Two generations collaborate to create unique architecture, which is simultaneously poetic and rational.

Marta Rauch-Debevec (SI, AT)
As a ceramics designer based in Schlins, Marta Rauch-Debevec collaborates with all of the elements to create her work: earth is the material of her designs, water helps her form them, air dries them and fire seals them.

Matej Andraž Vogrinčič (SI)
Vogrinčič is a world renowned artist, who through his installations fills public spaces with unexpected meanings. He forms his projects in collaboration with local societies and in tune with the identity of the selected environment.

AleaOlea (ES, TN)
AleaOlea is an open platform established in Barcelona and Tunis by young professionals working in the fields of architecture and landscaping. They are always in pursuit of the same goal: to reach a contemporary proposal ensuring cultural, social and economical sustainability.

Carlos Pascual (MX, SI)
Pascual has variously made his living as a mason, security guard, PR representative, founder and editor of several independent magazines on literature and art, vice-president of a financial firm, writer, poet, screenwriter and moviemaker.

Arhivox (SI)
Arhovox is a choir of architects, who, apart from their professional path, share a love for singing and music. Arhivox has been active since 2012 and has about 35 active and supporting members, who are students, architects and experts from related professions.


Festival evenings will be hosted by Miloš Kosec and Ajda Bračič.

Miloš Kosec (SI)
Miloš Kosec is an architect, publicist and member of the Outsider magazne editorial board living and working in London, UK and in Ljubljana, Slovenia. He is the author of the book »Ruin as an Architectural Object« published in 2013. His research work is focused on architecture, architectural history, political and social aspects of architectural design. At the moment he is a PhD student at Birkbeck, London.

Ajda Bračič (SI)
Active collaborator and member of the editorial board of Outsider magazine, architecture student, writer, poet and occassionaly a scenographer.



FRIDAY, November 30, 2018

17:00 Marta Rauch Debevec: Ceramics

17:40 Peter, Boštjan and Aleš Gabrijelčič: Concrete

18:15 Matej Andraž Vogrinčič: Public space

18:45 Carlos Pascual: Movement

19:20 Break

19:30 Round table, moderated by Ajda Bračič

20:00 Words: Straniščna spletke short story competition announcement and award ceremony (Jury panel: Agata Tomažič, Tina Košir, Andrej Hočevar) Moderator: Nina Granda

21:00 Good wine and great company


SATURDAY, December 1, 2018

17:00 Alea Olea: Brick

17:45 Metoda Maj: Stone

18:15 Martin Rauch: Rammed earth

19:00 Maruša Zorec: Time

19:45 Break

20:00 Round table, moderated by Miloš Kosec

20:30 Wood: Dom prihodnosti architectural competition announcement and award ceremony (Jury panel: Marko Lukić, Peter Gabrijelčič, Ana Kosi, Srđan Nađ, Miloš Kosec in Matevž Granda) Moderator: Matevž Granda

21:00 Arhivox choir

21:15 Good wine and great company